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Berlin Brandenburg International School

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Success Stories

Every year cohorts of students graduate from high school and by that, they begin a new chapter in their lives. Each student's journey is unique to themself and BBIS prepares them all for their individual paths...





I am currently attending Princeton University, but I also got into London School of Economics and King's College London. I play on the field hockey team here, which is very intense and challenging in combination with the high standards of academics, but I love it here! I think the IB has prepared me quite well for the academic expectations.


After the graduation, I traveled around the world with my siblings to Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Macau, Japan, Vancouver, France. The most interesting part was to compare and contrast cultures and mindsets of each part of the world. Afterwards, I had an internship at a Law firm in Luxembourg for a month. This opportunity gave me some insights on the practical field of Law. In September I will attend the University of Manchester to study Law.






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