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Planning and organizing the next steps beyond BBIS can be a daunting task for many students and that is why we have created an extensive career and college information programme.

he careers and college counsellor aims to guide and assist students and parents in the college application process (U.S., British, German, and other international systems). By providing information and planning assistance, the counsellor is an essential resource for students in the upper grades of the secondary school as they begin to make plans for their lives and education beyond BBIS.

Careers and College Counselling Services

  • Initiating decision-making process with the assistance of interest inventories/ skills assessment tools
  • Provision of career orientation assessment programmes and career information seminars.
  • Assisting students in timely registration of entrance exams and processing of university applications
  • Submitting student transcripts and personal references to universities
  • Providing information seminars throughout the school year regarding the college application process (for students and parents)
  • Coordinating closely with the high school counsellor in supporting the emotional development of students.