Positive Education

We’re committed to looking after the wellbeing of our students, staff and parents.


At BBIS, we embed wellbeing into the school curriculum and culture. We believe that teaching our students how to deal with change, develop resilience, pursue meaning and purpose, and build healthy relationships is just as important as teaching Maths, Art or Science.

As such, our whole school is committed to fostering wellbeing. It’s not an add-on or a one-off. Rather, our pursuit of wellbeing – via the proven principles of Positive Education – is an ongoing process that everyone at BBIS is part of.


Positive Education is aligned to Positive Psychology, as developed by Martin Seligman and his team from the University of Pennsylvania. It’s all about looking beyond textbooks and academia, to help students develop their own character and sense of wellbeing.

“When wellbeing comes from engaging our strengths and virtues, our lives are imbued with authenticity. Wellbeing cannot exist just in your own head. Wellbeing is a combination of feeling good as well as actually having meaning, good relationships, and accomplishment.”Martin Seligman


We are living in a time of rapid change, with a multitude of distractions competing for our attention. Now, more than ever before, students need the resilience and strength to overcome difficult situations.

Positive Education nurtures resilience, teaching us how to develop our inner strengths and be our best, as well as how to learn from setbacks to live a healthy and balanced life.


After two years of intensive training for our staff, BBIS entered the next phase of our Positive Education journey.

Based on research by Dr. Helen Street, we now examine everything we do through the lens of wellbeing. For example, how can we improve our homework, assessment or mobile device policies to enhance student wellbeing? How can we put wellbeing strategies into practice, such as through yoga classes? By continually considering questions like these, we are building an ever-stronger, more positive programme for all our students.

Our curriculum is based on the Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) developed by the Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School in Australia, a globally recognised leader in this field. We adapt PEEC to suit our school’s needs and focus; and we continue to develop our knowledge and expertise through professional development opportunities.