FAQ's - Boarding School Admissions

How do I apply for a place in the BBIS Boarding School?

To apply for the BBIS Boarding School, please follow the same process as for day students. During the application process, you will have an interview with our Head of Boarding School.

You can start an application to attend BBIS at any time. Before you get started, you may want to read about how to apply.

What are the age and grade requirements for boarding students?

We welcome students from Grade 9 (aged 14 and older).

What are the different nationalities of day and boarding students?

Our day students come from more than 60 different countries. In the Boarding School, we generally have students from up to 25 different countries at any one time.

Do you accept students from other countries?

We welcome applications from national and international families.

What are the total school and boarding fees for one year?

Depending on the grade level and visa requirements, the total cost of school and boarding in the first year can vary between 45,000 and 51,000 EUR. For up-to-date fees please visit our school fees and boarding fees pages, which also detail all additional fees.

Please note that all listed boarding fees are in addition to all listed school fees.

Does the school help boarding students acquire a visa to enter Germany?

Yes. We can assist boarding students during the visa application process by providing the necessary documents once the admissions process has been successfully completed.

Please keep in mind that the visa process might take a long time. We therefore recommend that you contact the German Consulate/Embassy in your home country first and ask them how long it will take.

What are the additional fees for boarding students?

You can see our current school and boarding fees here. Please note that all stated boarding fees are in addition to the school fees. The schedules also state additional fees (i.e. deposits, registration fees etc.).

The following costs are additional:

  • PE uniform (about 100 EUR) for students in Grades 9 and 10
  • health insurance (required when living in boarding) – the insurance we recommend costs approx. 950 EUR per year
  • extra-curricular activities (270 EUR per activity/term or unlimited activities for the whole school year 490 EUR)
  • fees incurred during sports tournaments or other school-related extra-curricular activities which take place outside the Berlin area
  • school locker (2.20 EUR per month + 30 EUR deposit) optional
  • 2 boarding trips per year (about 300 EUR per trip)
  • for Grade 12 students: IB exam fees (about 510 EUR)
  • pocket money