School Fees Reduction Programme

In the context of its school fee reduction programme BBIS offers applicants socially acceptable school fees. The programme applies to students of Grades 1 to 10.

Natural persons, who are self-payers, can file an application for reduction of the school fees and the registration fee if the family‘s means are such that the school fees cannot be paid in full (in the meaning of the German Basic Law [Grundgesetz], art. 7, sec. 4). The family‘s means are its assets and its income.

In the context of this programme the school takes into account the family’s assets as well as the gross family income. The relevant annual gross family income is defined as all positive income obtained by all persons belonging to the same household. If the annual gross positive family income is below EUR 100,000.00, an application for reduction can be filed. Applicants must submit a registration certificate which proves that their main residence is in Germany.

Discounts apply to the annual payable school fees as well as to the registration fee due once. Please see the reduction table for school fees and registration fee to check whether you are eligible and which percentage is applicable.

In special cases and upon request the already reduced school fees can be further reduced – contrary to the standard reduction programme – in the event that the relevant family is not able to pay the already reduced school fees because of an especially difficult family situation. Such a situation should be explained to the school’s management in a personal meeting. Please contact the Business Director’s Office for this matter.

If need be, BBIS offers families who were admitted to the school fee reduction programme to pay the fees in monthly installments.

All interested families can file their application for reduction of the school fees by submitting an informal request to the Business Director’s Office.