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Annie Wins Over Everybody

Friday, 9 June, 2017

Congratulations to all students from grade 6 to 12 who were involved – on and off the stage – in last night’s performance of “Annie”. It was a truly fantastic show, with numerous special moments, very skilfully choreographed group performances and stunning solos. The audience could see, hear and feel how much passion and preparation had gone into this performance. As one parent mentioned after the show: “It is things like this that really make BBIS special. You should all be very proud.”

Many thanks also to the teachers guiding and working with the students, Ms Appleton, Ms Pennell and Ms Panni! Ms Appleton was a little surprised during the auditions:

“Ms Pennell, Ms Panni and I really wanted to stage a show that younger students could get involved in…but we were unprepared for the talent that would flood through the doors of our audition room!  The whole cast have the energy and enthusiasm of a professional Broadway show, and it is impossible not to laugh at their antics!  Gradually, we have done our best to channel those antics into lovable characters, and the students should be incredibly proud of the result.  They don’t need to see the tears in our eyes at the back of the auditorium to know how fantastic they are.”