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Autumn is here

Autumn is here

Thursday, 19 October, 2017

Dear Parents,

Reading, writing and arithmetic are seen as cornerstones of education regardless of the school system, culture or country we look at. These core elements have been augmented by a lot of other, equally important strands which help to form a well-rounded personality. Any curriculum – like our IB PYP used at BBIS for the ages 3 to 11 – will develop these skills. And like with everything we do in school, there are parts of learning which cannot be outsourced to the classroom or which happen at a much higher level when and if the third partner in the education process, the parents, is involved.

This recent article in the NYT refers to building literacy. Literacy is a focus this year in BBIS Primary. This is the gateway into further knowledge and into the pleasure of reading. As the research quoted in the article found, a family routine of reading will enhance life skills as much as the future academic success. In short: let us encourage you to find time to read with/for your kids, and you will trigger off developments which a school context hardly manages. We increasingly support home languages – with our weekly home language programme – but it would be arrogant to believe that we can replace a family setting.

Enjoy this article, and enjoy reading with your child!

With preparations for next year's BIMP already underway, have a look here for the latest information on how to get involved. Also a friendly reminder to check out the latest news from the PTA: PTA Newsletter and PTA Halloween Bake Sale.

Kind regards,

Peter Kotrc