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BBIS Takes on BerMUN

Monday, 5 December, 2016

Last week, five members of the BBIS Model United Nations Club had the privilege of participating in the JFK School’s BerMUN, an international conference with over 700 delegates from countries all around the world. The overall theme of this conference was the discussion of Ending Human Suffering.

This general topic was then more closely disseminated in various committees, each tasked with debating on one different aspect of human suffering, from environmental challenges to the combatting of xenophobia to the prevention of sexual violence. BBIS represented Sudan in this conference. In his speech as the Sudanese Ambassador, Shawan took a strong stance on this important issue, especially addressing the topic of child violence, using the Sudanese proverb “A child is a child of everyone” in order to convey his powerful message. The delegates also had the opportunity to listen to professionals who have made it their life’s mission to help end human suffering, looking at this topic from a variety of different perspectives, showing how prevalent and thus significant this issue is. 

Each delegate was able to have unique experiences at this conference, learn more about the MUN procedure, interact with other internationally-minded students, and debate real-life issues that play an important role in our world today.