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BBIS Wonder Project

Wednesday, 20 March, 2019

As educators, we are always asking how we can create opportunities for students to inquire, explore and create, and to personalize learning. The recent BBIS Wonder Project ticked all these boxes. Our 6th graders were given the task to find a topic they would like to investigate. They formulated a research question starting with “I wonder …” and spent time reading about the topic, annotating their research articles and looking at their subject from different perspectives. The project culminated in an exhibition which was open to the whole BBIS community.

We are pleased to share 7 of the projects >>, and would like to congratulate all of our 6th graders for the effort and passion they put into their Wonder Projects.

We were amazed by the creative approaches, the depth of the research and the confident presentations of their findings. The Wonder Project has been a great learning experience for all of us, the students, teachers and everybody who had the chance to visit the exhibition.

To be continued...

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