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Friday, 24 August, 2018

I once read, “Beginning is easy, continuing is hard” but that saying does not do justice to the challenges that can come with transitions. For those joining our Early Education (EE) programme, perhaps their first experience of school, and others who have just joined BBIS in Grade 1 to 5, they know full well beginnings are not always easy. Making new friends, learning new routines, and becoming part of a new group can all be exhausting. It can be tough on adult too - especially when you add shipping dramas into the mix!

That said, as I walked through the EE classrooms today it was hard to distinguish between those who were new and those who had returned. Friendships were clearly forming between many. This was true throughout the school’s many learning environments, students have been calm, yet engaged. This is how my beginning has been too, steady yet busy.  As I unpack my boxes, explore the surroundings, and begin establishing new relationships at school I’ve been reflecting on my first weeks at BBIS. I already feel a strong sense of belonging here, and feel privileged to be part of this community.

We’re off to a great start here in Primary School. If the saying is true, ‘Beginning is easy continuing is hard’ with such a strong teaching team here at BBIS I am confident it will be a great year ahead for all our children.