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Berlin International Music Project (BIMP)

Tuesday, 2 May, 2017

Every year BBIS makes music together with many other schools in choirs, orchestras, and Jazz ensemble in the middle of March!

I have been part of the Berlin International Music Project (BIMP), since its start.

This year I participated for the 8th and sadly last time—as I am graduating from BBIS.

Although I enjoyed singing solos many times and helping with repertoire choices, the best aspect of BIMP for me was the joint team work. In the past years BIMP invited visiting groups from other parts of Germany and from abroad for the big BIMP weekend. It was magical seeing how the already eclectic group from 12-14 local schools who practiced for several months together previously--became one, united group when the visiting musicians joined us. During the weekend the entire ensemble became one, loving group of young musicians working toward a common goal.

BIMP 2017 was one of the best performances so far, with a wide ranging, interesting musical repertoire, although I think many of the previous concerts also brought quality music and fun to BBIS.

Being a part of BIMP has been an incredible experience and I wish all the best for the upcoming BIMP concerts!

Eszter Magyar