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  • Tuesday, 15 May, 2018
    The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award team had a very successful practise expedition over the weekend. Supervised by Ms Barker, Mr Nolan, Ms Thach and Mr Stiles, the 13 Grade 9 participants hiked an impressive 22 km in perfect sunshine on the Saturday. They setup camp at Dreilinden where they prepared and cooked meals of pasta and gnocchi. The next morning, after reflecting on what had gone well on day 1 and what could be improved on day 2, they set out for BBIS.
  • Tuesday, 8 May, 2018
    On Thursday 3 May, four Grade 11 IBCP BTEC Sport students and two Grade 10 future BTEC Sport students, visited the sports medicine clinic at the Berlin Olympic Stadium and enjoyed a 90-minute guided tour of the Olympic Park. The trip was in preparation for their next year’s units of study on assessing risk in sport and fitness testing for sport.
  • Tuesday, 8 May, 2018
    From Friday 27 April to Tuesday 1May, the first Gold Practice Expedition took place in the Odenwald. A group of four boys hiked for four days, covering approximately 20 kilometres per day, carrying 18-kilogram packs. They displayed outstanding team-work and motivation. The fitness level was exceptional and they had very few difficulties with navigation.
  • Thursday, 12 April, 2018
    No matter what country you grew up in, you probably had lessons in mathematics, science and your home language. But did your school curriculum include how to deal with change or how to develop resilience? Did your lessons focus on how to build healthy relationships? Probably not. We are starting to change this for our students.
  • Tuesday, 13 March, 2018
    Technological Innovation was the topic of last week’s Berlin Model United Nations conference BerMUN 2. Seven students in Grades 9 to 11 at BBIS attended, representing the great Russian Federation as well as the essential nation of Bolivia in South American politics. The Russian ambassador’s speech by Fionula was received as “direct and powerful”.
  • Wednesday, 7 March, 2018
    Profound learning is not restricted to the classroom. This year, BBIS created the whole-school position of Coordinator of Outdoor Learning. While still evolving, the idea is to take students of all ages beyond BBIS’ gates to learn, experientially, in Kleinmachnow, Berlin and beyond. We already do this but we wish to increase the opportunities and to forge strong, meaningful links with the curriculum.
  • BBIS at UN
    Wednesday, 7 March, 2018
    Again this year, eight BBIS students and two teachers attended the Annual International UNIS-UN Conference held on 28 February and 1 March in the United Nations General Assembly, New York City.
  • Wednesday, 7 March, 2018
    A central feature of the Group 4, Experimental Sciences, courses is the Group 4 project. It is a collaborative activity where students from different Group 4 subjects work together. It allows for concepts and perceptions from across disciplines to be shared while appreciating the environmental, social and ethical implications of science and technology.
  • Personal Project Designing Orthopeadic Shoes
    Wednesday, 7 March, 2018
    From my perspective, it is fascinating to observe how our students develop over the years, and I find it particularly interesting to see what topics they choose for their Personal Project in grade 10, the 5th year of the Middle Years Programme.The Personal Project is one of the most challenging - and also most rewarding - parts of our students’ journey, and Elizabeth Appleton, who is the Personal Project Coordinator at BBIS, has been a key player in helping the students accomplish their goals
  • IBU at BBIS
    Thursday, 25 January, 2018
    As part of the Middle Years Programme, BBIS students complete a number of interdisciplinary units, in which they combine learning from two or more subjects. In MYP 5 (or grade 10), students explore energy issues from a variety of perspectives in the Sciences and Individuals and Societies.