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Building Confidence

Building Confidence

Friday, 3 February, 2017

Dear Parents,

Classroom learning and teaching is what a school is really about – major events just highlight the results of hard student and teacher work. One of them was the Grade 3 Art Show, displaying what students had learned about a chosen artist – their biography, impact, and style towards painting. The last aspect of the project was to recreate one of the works from their selected artist - just amazing how self-confident children were in their presentations!

What they can become within a few years will be evident in the MYP Personal Project – see Mrs. Jung’s blog below for more details of the upcoming exhibition.

To teach the children well, teachers need to be “taught” well and with professional development being a key priority at BBIS, a large group spent the last weekend at the conference of the Association of German International Schools (AGIS), offering and participating in a diversity of workshops. This weekend, here at the school, a cohort of BBIS teachers will join over 100 colleagues from other international schools to work with inquiry “guru” Kath Murdoch. The place for the annual regional conference of ManageBac will take place at our Sports hall in March, and two more courses are scheduled for April and May that will provide our staff with even easier access to broaden their skills and knowledge – and thus, our students receiving the benefits of such staff engagement. 

In addition, we should not forget the “big” picture – or, in other words, the BBIS Strategic Plan. It outlines broadly in four strands (Academics, IT, Marketing and Building) exploring who, what and where we want to be by 2020. Our annual input evening to prepare for the regular update took place a week ago, with 80 participants from all stakeholder groups donating their ideas and time and critical view.

Thanks to all!

Peter Kotrc