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Building School Spirit: The Annual Dodgeball Tournament

Thursday, 15 November, 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, the annual Dodgeball Tournament was held in the Sports Hall. Organised by the Student Council and the PE staff, nine teams competed from across Grades 9-12. A member of staff played in each of the teams.

The winning team was Splash Brothers, very ably led by Mr Samozvanov. The final was played against Mr Chamberlin’s team, Chambo’s Unit , the runners-up. While skill was a vital factor, the team’s determination and resilience contributed significantly to the win; character strengths we are keen to nurture in our students. It was not only about winning. The award for fair play was won by Mr Munoz Ferrer’s team, The Animals.

The attendance at the event and the support of the non-playing students and staff as spectators contributed to community building and the nurturing of school spirit. While the afternoon was a lot of fun, educational research shows that nurturing school spirit and community building has positive effects on students’ academic achievement. It also builds a sense of civic pride and responsibility leading to more engagement in the wider community. Research also shows that students with school spirit are happier in general. Just one of a number of instances of such research can be found at:

The Student Council plans further events, to continue to build school spirit but it is not something which can be achieved by this group of students, or even all of the students alone. The whole school community has an important role to play in developing and maintaining school spirit so we can all benefit from it.