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Celebrating French Culture with FranceMobil

Thursday, 9 November, 2017

Understanding other cultures, being able to communicate with people around the world and trying to view things from different perspectives are really important to us when it comes to learning at BBIS. This is why we are very happy that our French Teachers invited FranceMobil to work with us. Ms Hinault has summarized what our students experienced:

By Daphne Hinault - French Teacher

On Thursday the 19th of October, students and staff in our Modern Foreign Languages department had the chance to welcome Irene from FranceMobil to the school. Irène Béguerie is one of the 12 representatives of FranceMobil who  travel around Germany, in their Renault Kangoo, where they meet young students who are interested in learning French, the language of Germany’s neighbouring country. The aim of FranceMobil is to promote French language and Francophone culture whilst avoiding the usual stereotypes and images of France or French speaking countries. Irène Béguerie also informed the students about grants that help students who wish to study in France, and about internship opportunities that are available in France.

Students from grade 6, grade 8, and grade 10 had the opportunity to engage with Irène Béguerie in French and to learn more about francophone culture through music, games and fun activities.