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Celebrating Language Learning

Friday, 12 May, 2017

Language is not only a tool that helps us to connect and communicate with others, it is also vital for us as humans to express our thoughts and feelings. Studying several languages is something we encourage all of our students to do, and many of them not only speak their home language, English and German, but also study French, Spanish or Mandarin. Why do we put so much effort into language development at BBIS?

We know that the more languages we are able to speak the richer our experiences become, the more easily we learn about other cultures, and the more prepared we are to see things from a different perspective. Every year, we celebrate language learning with a special Language Week, during which students present what they have studied in a creative or artistic way.

Ms Montaraz is the Head of the Modern Foreign Languages Department at BBIS:

“Over the past few years, the Fête de la Francophonie, Fiesta de la Hispanidad and Chinese Week have grown into a celebration of the many languages and cultures of our French, Hispanic and Chinese friends. It has now become a well-established tradition at BBIS to celebrate the richness of these cultures.

Throughout the week we enjoyed a Salsa Workshop, a football game where France played against Spain, Petanque games, a fantastic culinary experience, where typical French, Spanish and Chinese dishes were prepared and sold by students with all funds being donated to Habitat for Humanity. Students also performed with a Latin Jazz Band as a result of an Interdisciplinary Unit with Music. The week culminated in a colorful Living Art Museum. The Living Museum, in which students had their faces painted to enact paintings they had studied, was a spectacle and we need to thank both the Art and Music departments for collaborating so well with our Language department. Their collaboration across grades and subjects really enhanced this hands-on learning experience.”