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China Exchange Has Started Well

Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

It has been a pleasure to see our BBIS students communicate and interact with their exchange partners during the first part of our China Exchange Programme with Yan'An Middle School in Shanghai, using Mandarin, English and the language of music and rhythm. Congratulations to our students for their creativity and hard work in preparing the assemblies and performances. Many thanks also to Ashni Murray, who teaches Mandarin at BBIS, for preparing our students so well and for organising the first part of the exchange programme.

By Ashni Murray 

From the 6th October to the 12th October, BBIS had the pleasure of hosting students and staff from our Chinese sister school, Yan’An Middle school.  After a long, arduous journey, 12 students and 2 teachers arrived tired but happy at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof to be greeted by their excited BBIS host families. The weekend was filled with a wide array of activities, ranging from visiting scenic sites such as the Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag and the Sanssouci Palace, to going to Jump-House and Go-Karting, to sampling the local cuisine such as Currywurst and Pretzels.

 The school week kicked off with a welcome ceremony where BBIS Chinese students sang the famous Chinese folk song, “Jasmine”, and a song titled “Sorry, my Chinese is not good.” Students were then thrown in the deep end as they started to attend classes with their BBIS student for the next three days.  Outside of school, students also enjoyed themselves at the Black Light Golf and participated in the school tunnel tour.  Yan’An students also ventured into the heart of Berlin where they were introduced to the major landmarks of our city.

Our exchange concluded with a farewell dinner and reception with BBIS host and boarding students performing together. Many tears were shed as students said goodbye to the Chinese students and teachers. We look forward to seeing our Chinese friends again in March! A huge thank you must be said to our host students and parents for the part they played in making this exchange a success! 非常感谢!