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Congratulating Our Sports Teams

Thursday, 10 November, 2016

For me, doing sports, in particular running, swimming or Yoga, is a great way to recharge batteries, to re-energize and keep fit. That is why I fully support our sports programme at BBIS and appreciate the value and benefits of our students being part of a sports team. I also think it is a great achievement that our school enables students to compete and participate in games and tournaments all year round across Germany and Europe.

Sports not only has direct physical benefits, as it increases blood flow to our brains, it also builds new brain cells and even increases the capacity for creativity. There is something else that is so important - learning how to work together as a team, how to overcome difficult situations and how to show respect and good sportsmanship towards opponents whether you win or lose.  

I believe that being involved in a sports team and supporting your classmates when they compete against other teams, is just as important as the academic or artistic development for our students. I am very happy that students at BBIS are able to do all of this, thanks to the involvement and passion of our teachers and coaches.  
Please come and join our BBIS Varsity Girls Volleyball teams and players from other European International Schools this Saturday, 12th November, from 8.15 to 15.45 here at BBIS! Further details below.

2016 ESC Girls Volleyball Championships

Hosted by the Berlin Brandenburg International School

November 11th and 12th
Friday 8.15 to 15.15
Saturday 8.15 to 15.45

Participating Teams

ASM - American School of Milan
​BBIS - Berlin Brandenburg International School
​ISZL - International School of Zug & Luzern
​TASIS - The American School In Switzerland
SJS - St Julian’s School Lisbon
ISG - International School of Geneva
ISL - International School of Lausanne
ASB - American School of Barcelona