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Wednesday, 13 June, 2018

Here at Berlin Brandenburg International School we encourage our students to study as many languages as possible, as we believe communicating with people and learning about their culture is an enriching experience that helps us understand and appreciate others and their perspectives in a much better way. This year, al large group of our students learning French B signed up for an external language test to earn the DELF certificate, a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates.

By Daphne Hinault, French teacher

BBIS is proud to announce that more than 20 students took  part in the DELF examination on Saturday 9th of June:

  • 3 students for Level A1 (basic user)
  • 16 students for Level A2 (basic user)
  • 7 students for Level B1(independent user)
  • 3 students for Level B2 (independent user)

The DELF Certificate provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their French language skills while preparing for a voluntary external exam, which in turn will give them greater confidence for this type of exams in the future. The DELF is recognized worldwide and is highly regarded by Universities and International organisations.

The BBIS students participating in the exam had an intensive preparation session on Saturday, 26th May. The workshop was held at school to assist students in their preparations and give them the chance to rehearse under exam-like conditions.