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May 16, 2020

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Each person you meet has something to teach you. Learn from each person. (Avijeet Das)

Thursday, 5 September, 2019

The BBIS Annual Secondary Meet and Greet.

On Thursday August the annual secondary Meet and Greet was held in the Sports Hall. The new Director of BBIS, Mr Nick Hazell, welcomed parents of students in Grades 6-10 to meet with the teachers and support staff to put names to faces and to make, in some cases at least, first contact with those members of staff who will be working most closely with, and supporting, their children this academic year. It was an opportunity to forge or re-forge connections between members of the BBIS community to lay the foundations of the all-important partnerships we have, with the student squarely in the middle.

Preceding the social gathering, parents could choose to attend sessions to learn more about the Middle Years Programme, the Diploma Programme and the Career-Related Programme as well as how to maximise their use of ManageBac.

In spite of the challenging heat, it was a very pleasant evening.