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May 16, 2020


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ECA Booklet for Term 2

Friday, 14 December, 2018

As the ECA Term 1 draws to a close this Friday, December 14th, we are already looking forward to Term 2 (January 14th - March 29th). We have added a variety of new programs which include 10th anniversary of BIMP, Circus, Coding Beginners, Ecology and Illustration, Electronics, Feminist History and Contemporary Art, Kids Yoga, Life Drawing, Maker: Kapla, Masks Workshop, Tennis, student-written play “The Storm Guide”, “The Coming Out Monologues”, United World Schools and many others. 

We have also introduced a new system for registration:

Starting at 12:00 on Saturday, December 15th, the registration will open for parents. To ensure that every child gets an opportunity to register for an ECA of their choice, the initial registration will be limited to 2 ECAs per child. Then, at 12:00 on Wednesday, December 19th, the registration will open for unlimited ECAs. For more information on registration please read the detailed instructions attached to this message.

For your convenience, I would like to provide the timeline of the registration process for Term 2:

  • Wednesday, December 12 - ECA booklet is released
  • 12:00 Saturday, December 15 - Registration for Term 2 opens (limited to 2 choices per child)
  • 12:00 Wednesday, December 19 - Registration for Term 2 extends to unlimited choices
  • Monday, January 14 - First day of Term 2 ECAs
  • Sunday, January 20 - Registration for Term 2 closes
  • Friday, March 29 - Last day of Term 2 ECAs

Please read the attached ECA booklet and Registration Instructions, and if you have any further questions, please contact

You can also find the ECA booklet here: