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ECAs Term 2 2019-2020

We strongly encourage all students to participate in this program as it offers a unique opportunity to meet new friends, be a risk-taker, and share and learn new passions whilst having fun! The program enables students to learn new skills and fully become part of our international school community. The ECA program aims to further open the minds and eyes of our students, to provide them with something new and challenging to look forward to. We are therefore excited to be able to offer such diverse activities as music lessons, Duke of Edinburgh International award, athletic teams and many more. We are very fortunate with the generosity and commitment of the BBIS staff, as well as external and volunteer instructors; however, it is sometimes impossible to offer activities all year round. This does, however, provide our students with a greater opportunity to try different activities throughout the year.

Important Dates & Registration

Term 1: Monday 26 August 2019 – Friday 6 December 2019 (Please note there will be no ECAs during 3 – 11 October and 31 October - 1 November.)

Term 2: Monday 9 December 2019 – Friday 20 March 2020

Term 3: Monday 23 March 2020 – Friday 12 June 2020 

ECAs will run during the above dates unless otherwise stated. All students who would like to participate in an ECA must be registered using the online link.

Please register via the online link from Saturday 24 August 2019 at 12:00. To ensure that every child gets an opportunity to register for an ECA of their choice, the initial registration will be limited to 2 ECAs per child. Starting from Monday 26 August 2019 at 12:00, the registration will be allowed for unlimited ECAs. Deadline for Term 1 ECA registration is Sunday 1 September 2019.


There is an expectation of 90% attendance during school in order to qualify for ECA external trips (e.g. GISST basketball tournaments, Maths Competitions, etc.). 

There is a one (1) week trial period where students ensure they will commit to an ECA. After the one (1) week trial period, all students will be billed for the ECA, whether they decide to continue or not. Students will not be able to attend an ECA if they haven’t registered online by the deadline.

Dress Code – Sport Activities

All participants of sporting activities are expected to wear appropriate, functional clothing. Indoor activities require non-marking, clean indoor shoes. 

Commitment and Absences

There is an expectation that once signed up for an activity, students attend the activity for the entire length of the term. If circumstances prevent students from continuing or coming to an activity, we ask you to inform the ECA Coordinator ( and the activity leader in advance.

Please email your ECA activity leader and the ECA Coordinator ( if your child will not be at their scheduled ECA due to sickness, absence, etc.


The costs for most ECAs are split into three (3) categories, and will be as follows:

FREE: There are a number of activities such as lunchtime ECAs that are free. No upfront charge – however, there may be some small costs involved, but it will be clearly stated in the ECA description.

PAID EXTERNAL: Upfront charge direct from the instructor (not the school). There is NO free trial period for this category. If a student does not continue after the week trial period, a payment for the 1st week will be required. External instructors will provide you with a contract to complete and inform you directly of the payment details. 

PAID INTERNAL: This is a yearly flat fee.

If starting in Term I for the full year: 270 Euros for 1 internal ECA once a week per term across the whole year. 490 Euros for unlimited internal ECAs across the whole year.

If starting in Term 2 only (January 2020): 160 Euros for 1 internal ECA once a week per term across Terms 2 and 3. 300 Euros for unlimited internal ECAs across Terms 2 and 3.

If starting in Term 3 only (March 2020): 80 Euros for 1 internal ECA once a week per term for Term 3. 150 Euros for unlimited internal ECAs for Term 3.

The following refunds* will be returned to your account in case of dropping internal ECAs after Term I or Term 2. Please send us a refund request via email to

*(Paid for one weekly internal ECA: 80 Euros refund per term. Paid for unlimited internal ECAs: 150 Euros refund per term.) Cancellations are possible only during the first week of each Term.

If your child started an internal ECA and does not want to continue beyond the first week, you can withdraw without costs. To withdraw, you need to send an email cancellation to the ECA Coordinator and the ECA leader.

Late Bus Information

There is no additional fee required for extra buses that run exclusively for ECAs that finish at 16.30. The late bus is available to Early Education, Primary and Secondary School students. There are late buses on Monday through to Friday.

The late bus leaves the school at 16.45. This bus will follow a strict route and time schedule. Normal school bus rules, as printed in the school handbooks, also apply for the late bus. Early Education and Primary School students will need to be collected from the relevant bus stop where appropriate. If no one is there to meet the student, they will be returned to BBIS (unless stated), whereby the relevant person will be contacted. 

Please indicate online which stop your son/daughter will be getting off at.

Any students waiting to be picked up will need to do so in the Atrium of House 3 (unless other arrangements are made by the instructor).