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Educating With The Future In Mind

Educating With The Future In Mind

Thursday, 7 September, 2017

Dear Parents,

The start of a school year is always a good time to look at the big picture of where education stands. In the back of our minds there is always the thought "what do our children do once graduating from school?" As school is future oriented and deeply connected to how society develops, our team again analysed the chances and challenges for our students in the world of tomorrow. Most of them will live into the 22nd century, so considering scenarios of what may happen is a necessary task for educators.

In his well researched, best selling book Homo Deus (Man as God), historian Yuval Harari extrapolates from 80.000 years of evolution where homo sapiens, the most successful animal, is likely to be going to. With data becoming the new religion, he claims that critical awareness is a minimum expectation. Genetic engineering and new ways of reproduction will require (sooner than later) an ethical framework for handling the questions of “selection” of the physical and mental traits of to-be-created in babies; a process which we know from history is dangerous in all consequences. Equally, the near future will see a dramatic change in working patterns and available jobs – half of today’s jobs will have disappeared by the middle of the century or earlier with robots taking over: how will people be making a living? All of these parameters created by humankind, not fate or beliefs.

These, with many more factors added, force schools to move from the trainings aspects of learning to skills and value education. The ability to “find questions worth answering” and a strong, independent and (most important) happy personality will be characteristics of future success. BBIS is going this route with a limited number of further initiatives. Watch this space for regular updates and specific examples of what we do for your/our children.

Lastly, the PTA has relaunched their newsletter and it looks super. If you are not already subscribed, you can read the latest on all their great initiatives, which play a critical part in strengthening our school community.  
Peter Kotrc