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End of Year

End of Year

Friday, 23 June, 2017

Dear Parents,

Looking back over a whole school year at BBIS, it should make us proud of what we achieved as a community. Both academically but also in all other aspects of school life, we experienced growth. It is not just quantity (like offering more subjects and events, which we did) but also quality that made a difference. It is impossible and would be unfair for those who missed out, if we tried to list everything.

The number of families leaving due to dissatisfaction with the BBIS services is as low as leaving staff - amongst whom we have the smallest group in many years who seek new employment: five (or 5%). So, the rumours that 40 teachers are leaving are simply unfounded...

Of course, students move on as families are posted somewhere else. We will officially say farewell on Wednesday from 13:30 in our last whole school assembly in the Sports hall. You are welcome to join us on the balcony when we wrap up the year.

The annual summer mailing will go out once I am in a position to comment on the IB CP/DP results, which we expect for 6 July.

One task the director has for you as parents is to fill in the annual feedback questionnaire. This is essential for us to monitor satisfaction rates and generally discover trends in opinions. It is totally anonymous but you are of course are invited to see me directly with observations, positive and critical remarks etc.

We aim for at least 50% of our families to participate (currently we have about 25% in); here is the link to the questionnaire: 

Wishing you a happy, relaxing summer,

Peter Kotrc