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Experiencing Leadership

Experiencing Leadership

Friday, 28 October, 2016

“Lead, follow or get out of the way” – that was the text on a popular car sticker many years ago. Today, it still does carry some truth. As we are getting our students ready for a future life and a career that we know little about,  we believe that leading and leadership will remain a necessary quality regardless.

There are no born leaders, and looking back we would very much doubt that we would assign admirable leadership qualities to some of the leaders throughout history, considering their methods and results. Leadership can best be learned by leading – as skiing will best be learned by skiing. From Early Education until Grade 12, in differing degrees, all students have opportunities to experience themselves as leaders. This week’s blog (Primary, Secondary) contributions from the principals show that.

Enjoy reading the newsletter with this aspect in mind.

Peter Kotrc

Also, please make note of our Sports Shop Opening Times in the following PDF.
Next Thursday the shop will be open from 8:30 to 14:00 to coincide with the Primary School Parent Teacher Conferences.