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Exploring the World of Work

Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

On Thursday 19 October, as part of an on-going investigation into careers, the senior Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) class visited the Rathausmarkt to interview people. This was at the suggestion of one of the students, and Mr Milner then worked with the class to plan and prepare a useful trip.

Students discussed and listed starter questions for conversations, and thought about how best to approach busy people politely in their workplaces. Students also researched the contact details of some of the shops and businesses so that Mr Milner could email them in advance.

With this preparation, we visited the Rathausmarkt on Thursday 19, coincidentally one of the regular market days. Students worked in pairs and small groups, gathering responses from a variety of people including chemists, book-shop owners and workers, food growers and the staff in the kebab shop. Having gathered information, students will add it to their research reports on possible careers and jobs.

Pictured are Sarah, Chiara and Barrak talking to some farmers who had a stall on the market.