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Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Dear BBIS families,

this is a short notice to inform you about some changes in the Nurse’s office, which your kids probably shared already with you; I would have preferred to inform every student personally, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.

After almost ten years at BBIS, I got the chance to immerse in the field of naturopathy more deeply. It was not really planned, but more like an “accident”, when the offer reached me. From mid-April on, I’ll be found at the department for Naturopathy under Professor A. Michalsen in Immanuel-Krankenhaus Berlin Wannsee.

It was a big pleasure to support your kids, (and you)! Thanks very much for your trust; it really means a lot to me, and I couldn’t have done my job without it! I feel truly blessed, looking back to 10 years here at the Seeberg, a very special time!

If you have medical related questions regarding your child, you can write an email to (my colleague Anne will be here on Thursday and Friday this week).

BBIS Nurse

You probably saw the advertisement on the website, so there will be a nurse after me. Please be as warm and open to her (or him?), as I know you. I am sure the next nurse will bring some new ideas and fresh air into BBIS’ health service, which is for sure a benefit!

Your kids are simply wonderful, I got an extraordinary farewell today: I am taking a folder full of letters home with me. I opened it several times, but had to close it immediately…too emotional. I’ll read it later, so please send my best greetings to your children, I am touched indeed!

All the best for you, and take good care!

Yours truly,

Beate Deckelmann