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May 16, 2020

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First BBIS Jazz Night, hosted by the United World Schools Club

Friday, 5 April, 2019

On the evening of 8th of March, the BBIS Heizhaus came alive with music and art at the first ever Jazz Night, hosted by the United World Schools club. The venue was filled with lively jazz music, food and drinks, and pin boards filled with art pieces donated by students from across the school that were auctioned off for charity.

The event was conceived, organised and hosted by members of the UWS club, under the auspices of the PTA. Their goal is to raise enough money each year to support a school in O Swy, a rural region of Cambodia, where education is not readily available to everyone and where resources such as clean water and books are hard to come by. All generous donations go towards providing good sanitation and clean drinking water at that school, supporting the teachers and providing school supplies for the students.

The venue was designed to create a sophisticated, ambient atmosphere where guests could relax on a Friday evening, enjoy refreshments and experience a multitude of rhythmic delights.

The music was provided by a variety of performers, ranging from the school’s secondary orchestra, the Birthday Band, and other community musicians both young and old. The music kept a captive audience throughout the evening, leaving some dancing their way to their cars as the night came to a close.

The silent auctions allowed guests to wander amongst the art and place bids on work of some of our most creative students. The night came to an exciting climax as three pieces of art were entered into the live auction with three generous guests taking home the most dynamic pieces of the night. 

The first BBIS Jazz night was a rip-roaring success and will undoubtedly be repeated in years to come!

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