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GISST Track and Field 2017-2018

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018

Over the last two months, the BBIS track and field team has worked towards the last GISST tournament of the school year. During our practices, we have had an average of 30 students coming to each training session, which has been amazing. The circumstances of the sessions were not always easy due to the hot weather. Still the coaches were very impressed with the energy and commitment that our students showed. Last weekend we finally travelled to Erlangen for the GISST track and field tournament with 23 students in total. We were very sad that our team captain Lucas was unable to join us due to sickness. Before the tournament started, our students did a big cheer for Lucas, which showed great team spirit.

Like our training sessions, it was also very hot in Erlangen. This did not stop our students from performing on a very high level. None of the students complained about the weather and they gave their best for every event they did. The coaches are still very impressed about that! We have had many individual and team successes on both tournament days, which are listed below.

Back row:            Maya, Floris, Lizzie, Kit, Josephine H., Frank, Mia, Nokyom, Nicholas
Middle row:         Casey, Sophia, Antonio, Elena, Luis, Josephine K., Nathalie, Lovisa, Leticia
Front row:           Nicholas, Danny, Adam, Smari, Alex

Individual results

U14 boys

Alexander S.       5th place               Discus                   4 points

Luis D.               8th place               Discus                   1 point

Alexander S.       6th place               Shot Put                3 points

Alexander S.       7th place               800m                    2 points


U14 girls

Maya S.                4th place               Discus                  5 points

Casey G.              8th place               Discus                  1 point

Maya S.                2nd place              Shot Put               8 points

Lovisa K.              1st place               Long Jump          10 points

Maya S.                5th place               Long Jump           4 points

Maya S.                2nd place               High Jump           8 points

Lovisa K.              3rd place               High Jump           6 points

Nathalie T.           5th place               3000m                4 points

Nathalie T.           6th place               1500m                3 points

Maya S.                3rd place               400m                  6 points

Nathalie T.           5th place               400m                  4 points

Josephine K.         8th place               400m                  1 point

Lovisa K.              4th place               200m                  5 points

Josephine K.         7th place               200m                  2 points

Sophia S.              8th place               200m                  1 point

Lovisa K.              3rd place               100m                  6 points

Sophia S.              7th place               100m                  2 points


Varsity boys

Nicholas G.         2nd place              Discus                   8 points

Adam L.              6th place              Discus                   3 points

Nicholas G.         3rd place              Shot Put                6 points

Adam L.              4th place              Shot Put                5 points

Daniel VB.           6th place              Shot Put                3 points

Daniel VB.           7th place              Long Jump             2 points

Daniel VB.           3rd place              High Jump             6 points

Nicholas G.         5th place              High Jump             4 points

Floris A.              4th place              3000m                  5 points

Floris A.              3rd place              1500m                  6 points

Floris A.              2nd place              800m                   8 points

Frank W.            7th place               800m                   2 points

Nicolas HM.        2nd place              400m                   8 points

Nicolas HM.        4th place               200m                  5 points

Nicolas HM.        5th place              100m                   4 points


Varsity girls       

Mia UH.              8th place               Discus                 1 point

Josephine H.        6th place               Discus                 3 points

Leticia B.             2nd place              Shot Put              8 points

Kit M.                 7th place               Shot Put              2 points

Kit M.                 8th place               Long Jump           1 point

Josephine H.        5th place               High Jump           4 points

Lizzie E.               7th place               3000m                2 points

Josephine H.        5th place               1500m                4 points

Lizzie E.               6th place               1500m                3 points

Josephine H.         8th place               800m                 1 point

Mia UH.              3rd place                400m                 6 points

Mia UH.              8th place                200m                 1 point


Team results

U14 boys             8th place               4x400m relay      1 point

U14 boys             8th place               4x100m relay      1 point

U14 girls              2nd place              4x400m relay      15 points

U14 girls              3rd place               4x100m relay      10 points

Varsity boys         3rd place               4x400m relay      10 points

Varsity boys         3rd place               4x100m relay      10 points

Varsity girls          4th place               4x400m relay      8 points

Varsity girls          4th place               4x100m relay      8 points