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Global "Digital" Citizens

Friday, 17 March, 2017

I attended a very interesting workshop last weekend, run by Lee Watanabe Crockett from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.

( During the workshop, he talked about the impact of global trends on education and what teaching and learning in the new Digital Landscape should look like given that 96% of High School students use social media, 56% use it to discuss school and 78% of students have smart phones (No data for Primary students, but it would be interesting to find out). What struck me was that what we value (our PYP Learner Profile, our Inquiry method of teaching, our commitment to service and all the other parts that make up our curriculum) were all mentioned as being crucial parts of being a global digital citizen. We value 'the whole child' and place a high priority on developing thinking and developing responsible members of our planet. This must transfer into the digital world!