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Graduating Students 2017


Wednesday, 24 May, 2017

Dear Parents,

Even after many years in the job, seeing students leave school for any reason is hard for us as professionals. Whenever a student leaves, it is like a wave rushing through BBIS asking who, why, what will he/she do, will they get on well, and more.

Seeing our Class of 2017 leave today is less dramatic but rather a fully enjoyable experience. We know they are (in some cases more than) ready to go on, embark on a new journey and look where the grass is greener than on the Seeberg.

It is easy to let them go because we prepared them well for the next step… but still: BBIS is an 800+ piece puzzle with each holding a particular place, and removing 82 parts will make us a different place. We wish them well for the future – and have put them straight onto our list of alumni.

Congratulations to our graduating students and their families.

Peter Kotrc