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May 16, 2020

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How did it get so late so soon? (Dr Seuss)

Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Perhaps it is my advancing years but the time between the start of the school year and the Winter break seems to have shortened over the past few years. Or it could be attributed to the expanding list of things which need to be accomplished in the classroom in that time and the number and range activities which need to be completed outside the classroom. The pace of everyday life seems to have picked up speed.

We are now close to the break and teachers and students are looking forward to spending time with their families and friends during the holiday season and recharging their energy levels.

Leading into the break, there will be some special events, apart form the three ‘spirit days’ planned by the Student Council (Pajama Day, Netflix Character Day and Holiday Sweater Day).

On Tuesday, the annual Careers Morning will run for students in Grades 10 and 11. Professionals from the community have been invited to lead small round-table discussions with the students, sharing the details of their professions. Our guests will represent a range of professions. The students will sign up for the three sessions which interest them most and be given the opportunity to ask individual questions about professional training, university study and future job situations, in order to gain a sense of the real-life situation of these professional areas. We very much appreciate our guests’ willingness to come to school for an entire morning to speak with our students, and share their professional experience and insights.

On Wednesday morning, until break time, the annual breakfast, organised and hosted by the Student Council, will be held for students from Grades 9-12.

In periods 3 and 4, two assemblies will be run in parallel. As in the past, the assembly titled Keeping Safe in the Holidays will be presented by the school’s counselling team to Grade 10 and 11 students. The Grade 12 assembly titled Not Just Surviving but Thriving, will be a presentation / workshop on logistics and wellbeing focussing on preparation for the mock examinations which are scheduled for straight after the break.  

The school, day will end with the usual whole-school assembly.

My very best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season, wherever and however you might spend it.