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IBDP Grade 12 Visual Arts Exhibition

Friday, 17 March, 2017

Art is not what you see but what you make others see (Edgar Degas). A popular IB Diploma Programme course at BBIS is visual arts, one of the Group 6 subjects. By its very nature as a discipline, visual arts demands creativity along with discipline and commitment to a lot of out-of-ours time to produce all that is necessary in a course which combines theory with a significant amount of practice.

Not surprisingly, a weighty part of the assessment of the course is the culminating exhibition.

"Students at both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) submit a selection of resolved works for their exhibition. The selected pieces show evidence of their technical accomplishment during the visual arts course and an understanding of the use of materials, ideas and practices to realize their intentions. Students also evidence the decision-making process which underpins the selection of this connected and cohesive body of work for an audience in the form of a curatorial rationale.

During the course students will have learned the skills and techniques necessary to produce their own independent artwork in a variety of media. In order to prepare for assessment in this component, students will select the required number of pieces to best match the task requirements and demonstrate their highest achievement. Students at SL select 4–7 artworks for submission while students at HL select 8–11 artworks for submission. They should be presented in a manner suitable for an audience." (IBDP Visual Arts Guide)

In view of this requirement, eight BBIS students have worked throughout the course to produce a variety of impressive works and this has ramped up over the past few weeks in the preparation and mounting of the exhibition. Supported, tirelessly, by their teachers, Ms Taniguchi and Ms Papot, the fruit of their labours went on display on Sunday 12 March at the evening opening of the exhibition which, after that, ran until Thursday 16 March. The opening, hosted by Grade 11 visual arts students, was a gala event enhanced by entertainment provided by BBIS student musicians. The eight student artists were present at the opening to speak about their work and their passion and ability to speak confidently and knowledgably about their work was evident.

From Monday to Thursday, a large number of the BBIS community; students, staff and parents took the opportunity to visit the exhibition and many commented on the professionalism of the show, the high quality of the work, the variety of media and the fact that there was some very powerful, challenging and risk-taking art shown this year.

Our congratulations to Stefanie, Maggy, Hannah, Joanna, Khorshid, Klara, Johanne and Jeremy who should be proud of their accomplishments.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who made this event such a resounding success.