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IBDP Theatre Student Performances

Tuesday, 12 December, 2017

On 6 December, the Grade 12 IBDP Theatre students performed in their third IB Theatre Show, and some of these performances will become part of their final portfolio.

The students in Higher Level performed their Solo Theatre Piece, a performance that stems from their research of a theatre theorist and is turned into a four-to-eight-minute long performance based on aspects of their chosen theory.  The entire performance, along with a 3000-word report on their development of the project, comprises 35% of their grade.  Two students both delivered monologues from Eric Bogosian’s collection, Gold Card and Intro respectively, employing the acting techniques of Peter Brook.  One student gave her rendition of the Slam Poem Somewhere in America, incorporating the theory of Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed.”

The students in both the Standard and Higher Levels performed two Collaborative Projects, performances that were created and presented as an original piece of theatre, lasting thirteen to fifteen minutes, targeted at a specified audience and originating from a stimulus of their choice.  The performance, along with a 15-page essay-portfolio, comprises 35% of the grade for Standard Level and 25% for Higher Level.  Three students presented a piece about goodbyes – saying goodbye to childhood, school, and life itself.  Their performances originated from “The Living Word” performances of Slam Poetry in a theatre setting, and resulted in a touching commentary on memory.  Four students wrote a comedy sketch about a mastermind interviewing villains for a new caper.  Based on the improvisation creation methods of “Second City,” the students gave a rollicking performance of over-the-top stereotypes.