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IBDP/CP - Week 2

Friday, 2 September, 2016

During the summer holidays, many of our students do much more than relax and take in the sun. Some make visits to potential universities and colleges in order to make informed decisions about tertiary education destinations.

Others take part in various CAS activities, including the BBIS service opportunity working with Habitat for Humanity in Romania. Jacob, a Grade 11 student, spent some of his time contributing to the Middle East Band Project.

Andrew Hand - Secondary School Principal - IBDP/CP

Middle East Band Project

In my last weeks of summer I took part in the first Middle East Band Project run by the director of PluralArts, Todd Fletcher. It ended with a concert of twelve original songs at Prachtwerk in front of an audience of more than 100 people. The band consisted of two Israelis, three Americans, a Palestinian and two sisters from Burkina Faso.  We spent our first week in the surreal grounds of the Hohenzollern Castle outside of Stuttgart. It was here where we found our muse, wrote lyrics, composed music, and work-shopped songs, all while bonding and becoming great friends; these were some of the best musicians I had ever worked with. We wrote almost twenty songs in the first week with musical genres ranging from swing to rap metal, and with lyrical themes like the earth, relationships, the taste of coffee and more.

The second week was spent here in Berlin, at Noisy Rooms studios on Warschauer Strasse refining and consolidating our material. Simultaneously, our band director worked with teenage refugees from Syria and Afghanistan and helped them write and compose a song for the project. The songwriters joined the band on stage for the encore performance of their song “One Day”. Overall, I developed as a musician while being part of something that I think really embodied BBIS’s “build a bridge” attitude.

PluralArts encourages greater mutual understanding through the performing, visual, and literary arts. To learn more about PluralArts and to see our performance, visit their Facebook Page.


Grade 11