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May 16, 2020

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If you want to achieve something, you have to do it yourself.: Model United Nations Trip to Vienna

Monday, 28 January, 2019

On Wednesday, 16 January, seven eleventh and twelfth grade delegates including one chaperone from BBIS, travelled to Vienna, to attend the very first Model United Nations of Vienna conference (MUNoV), which was co-hosted by the Vienna International School and the Danube International School of Vienna. Although we were functioning on a couple hours of sleep, we boarded the plane with excitement and eagerness to attend the conference. Once the plane had taken off, we all began finalizing our resolutions that we had been struggling to write the night before. With each other’s help, we all managed to finalize a majority of the resolutions as well as a few clauses which we would later add to other resolutions.

Once in Vienna we rushed to the conference hosted at the Vienna International Center, which was most likely the most exciting part of the trip, as we were entering one of the four United Nations headquarters. Once inside the building our astonishment only grew; the majestic building towered over us and we were all in awe.

The first day consisted of lobbying and writing resolutions with other delegates from many European countries. Proper debating had not yet begun. With seven delegates we were split into six different committees, each representing one of the three assigned countries: France, Indonesia, or Croatia. There were nine committees with six committees being filled with one or two BBIS delegates. These councils were the: Human Rights Council, Security Council, General Assembly 1 & 3, International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River and the International Atomic Energy Association.

Thursday, the second day, was when the debates began. In the evening all delegates came back together for a gala dinner in the Vienna State Hall Basement (Rathauskeller). We were served typical Austrian cuisine and were delighted that we finally got to taste an authentic, good schnitzel.

With the last day of the conference arriving too soon our sadness of soon having to leave Vienna grew. Despite that we all gave our best effort for the last couple of hours remaining. Through debating, writing our own amendments and asking questions we all showed our enthusiasm and commitment to our individual topics.

As the closing ceremony of MUNoV began, we all sat in our row and eagerly awaited the “Best Delegate” and “Highest Accommodation” awards. After the first three delegates of BBIS were called up to the stage as “Best Delegates” we were so excited that we couldn’t stop cheering after each announcement of a BBIS win. The result was five delegates from BBIS winning “Best Delegate” for their committees. We had all proven that the time spent in Vienna was worth waking up early on Wednesday and staying up late to finish speeches for the next days and we had all finally come to terms with having to leave as well.

Writing our own resolutions and amendments helped all of us make the conference more authentic and gave us an advantage as we were all able to defend our clauses, and ideas.

The entire delegation would like to say that we are incredibly grateful to our chaperone for not only taking us on the trip to Vienna but also always encouraging us to take matters into our own hands and indirectly telling us, “If you want to achieve something, you have to do it yourself.” words that the Model United Nations club willingly takes on and encourages all other delegates to do so too.