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Learning About Different Cultures

Learning About Different Cultures

Thursday, 30 November, 2017

Dear Parents,

Amongst the many highlights of the last two weeks, let me just mention the Culture Rooms and the Winter Bazar, both organized by our PTA.
We talk so much about our intercultural approach but must not forget that especially our TCKs (“Third culture kids”) profit from learning about their and other cultures – the way people are used to doing things all over the world.

How people or machines will be doing things in future is a focus of MIT’s Max Tegmark ‘s new book “Life 3.0”. The development of AI and technology will influence education, also at BBIS. A good conversation topic at the upcoming Director’s platform evening on Tuesday 5 December at 19:00. If you can attend, please send a short note to

Kind regards,

Peter Kotrc

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