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Learning to Lead

Tuesday, 19 December, 2017

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 December, it was my privilege to spend time with twenty-eight students from Grades 8 to 12 in a leadership training seminar / workshop. For some time, the Secondary School Student Counsellor, Mr Steve Gregory, has wanted to offer such a workshop and his dream has finally been realised. I thank him for his tenacity.

The workshop, which ran from 15:30-20:30 on Thursday and 08:30-20:00 on Friday was facilitated by an external consultant, Dr Kathleen Hamblin True, an international management consultant / trainer / lecturer / organisational psychologist and former stand-up comedian. She was very ably assisted by Mr Gregory and Ms Julia Hamblin-True. Guests throughout the workshop included the Student Council advisors, Ms Jacqueline Jones-Heinz and Mr Yuri Samozvanov and the Secondary Principal (MYP) Ms Michaela Jung.

The programme for the workshop was based on the requests of the members of the student council and the class representatives, including sessions on:

  • Presentation Skills;
  • The Situation, Action, Impact feedback model;
  • Story Telling and Presentation Aids;
  • Running Meetings    and
  • Influencing Strategies

The workshop was composed, in the main, of relevant, real-life activities designed to teach particular skills in a hands-on, engaging way.

Our students were a credit to BBIS and drew a lot of praise from the facilitator. They were willing to participate, enthusiastically, in the challenging activities, for the duration of the training.

Dr Hamblin-True will run a follow-up session in several weeks, at which time she will check in with the participants on how they are progressing with their specific, personal goals which grew out of this workshop.

It might have been some time in coming but it was very well worth the wait. Our student leaders are now well-equipped to carry out their current duties and have a firm foundation on which to build to take on future leadership roles, in whatever context that might be in the world. We plan to offer similar training opportunities in the future.