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Learning Non-Stop: Professional Development at BBIS

Thursday, 22 November, 2018

At BBIS, we invest a big part of our budget into professional development. Our teachers and staff attend IB conferences and we regularly work with experts from Harvard Graduate School of Education on “How can we foster a culture of thinking?”.

This year, our Middle Leaders attended four two-day workshops provided by ECIS to earn their Middle Leadership certificate. The most recent workshop in the series focussed on Leadership and Assessment, and has started many fruitful discussions around “What, how and why do we assess to improve learning?” 
Watch our video about the ECIS Workshop >>

We also continue our initiative to integrate the concepts of Positive Education into our curriculum. During the last 16 months, we trained 37 teachers and staff, including principals and boarding mentors. Throughout this school year, all of our teachers in Primary and Secondary School will have enjoyed a 3-day-course focussing on the theory and skills that positive psychology promotes, e.g. Character Strengths, Relationship Building and Communication Skills. As a next step, teachers will start using concepts like Growth and Fixed Mindsets in their lessons, and practise goal setting, listening and appreciation techniques with their students.

BBIS is the first school in Germany to integrate such a complex concept, and last weekend we had the opportunity to share our experiences with other international schools and educators at the ECIS Conference in Luxembourg. An artist from summarized our presentation in the snapshot you can see here.