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A Learning Organisation

Friday, 16 September, 2016

Sometimes during the admissions process I have the opportunity to talk with new parents about their expectations, and often the question of teacher qualification does come up. Of course, all our teachers have to be certified and go through a thorough recognition check by the German authorities. Equally (or more) important is what happens to teacher professional development once they are employed.

I am glad to report that indeed, a sizeable part of our budget is dedicated to PD…. All staff receive regular updates in the curriculum they are teaching (International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP, CP, DP). Also, staff are keen to develop teaching strategies: currently we focus on “Making Thinking Visible” as a topic applicable to all year levels. Nearly two thirds of our 100 teachers will be familiar with this concept by the end of the year. From this year onwards teachers organize themselves as “Professional Learning Communities” and focus on a specific aspect of education. Plus, very practical things happen, like a number of teachers involved in First-Aid courses this week. Yes, they may miss the odd period or day for such purposes, but I think the return we get as a school community is invaluable and justifies the absence (btw, a lot of courses are online and involve teachers far beyond the core teaching day).

In short – at BBIS all learn, all the time.