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MYP - Trip Week Recap

Friday, 30 September, 2016

Once a year, our Secondary School MYP office turns into a travel agency. Accommodation has to be booked, transport from and to various locations needs to be arranged and activities and schedules have to be coordinated for more than 300 students and teachers.

Trip information evenings are held to inform our parents and permission forms have to be collected. Trip leaders and chaperones prepare the detailed programme for the respective groups and liaise with the outdoor education specialists from Schattenspringer or Outward Bound. It requires a lot of effort to get outdoor education projects of that size off the ground, and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate everybody involved in organizing and running this year’s Trip Week for grade 6 to 10! Our students have learnt how to work as a team outdoors, they have been able to get to know each other much better, and they also have been able to experience what it means to go beyond what they thought possible. Please check the BBIS Facebook page for more pictures. Insert link to BBIS FB page

Special thanks go to:

Ms Schmidt as the grade 6 trip leader to Großväter See, and her climbing & team building colleagues Ms Smith-Siebold, Mr Hennie, Mr Payne, Mr Hunter, Mr Milner & Mr Genevier

Ms Goetze as the grade 7 trip leader to Zielow, and the cooking, canoeing and fishing team Ms Murray, Ms Pinault, Ms Mandil, Ms Tilli, Mr Lopez and Mr Gregory

Mr Grissett leading the grade 8 trip GPS touring & climbing at Werbellinsee with Ms Adams, Ms Dodge, Mr Allard, Mr Zalloua & Ms Lund-Bruning

Mr Stiles as the grade 9 trip leader and his hiking, absailing and camping team in Vysoka Lipa with Ms van der Pol, Ms Buckler, Ms Barker, Mr Zamozvanov, Mr Basra, Mr Nolan, Mr Wilson & Mr Gade

Ms Giegerich as the organiser of the climbing, cycling, kayaking, camping, music, street art, creative writing & history activities for the grade 10 Berlin Bound trips and her team Ms Appleton, Ms Pennell, Ms Papot, Ms Neal, Ms Seymour, Mr Brodie, Mr Bush, Ms Abaee, Ms Kovacs & Ms van der Heyden

Ms Kruschinski and Ms Lawrenz for preparing and coordinating the trips during the last 7 weeks!

And lastly, don't miss last weeks interview with alumni Alex Koenig on what our students do once they leave BBIS.

Michaela Jung
Secondary School Principal MYP