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New School Year!

New School Year!

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017

Dear Parents,

“Students first!” is the unwritten slogan of BBIS – very visible this last week here on the Seeberg campus. We started the school year with about 700 students, and one in four of them is new to the community. They bring the cultures of 66 different countries with them, a great opportunity for learning from each other. The graduating class, preparing for their IB CP/DP exams in May 2018, are the biggest cohort we have seen: more than 85 students! We expect them to do well and continue a tradition of results of at least three points above the world average.

All other grades also started their core business of learning. Grades 9 and 10 had the chance to develop their personal, team and leadership skills under the guidance of the Swiss Leadership Academy. Mrs. Jung will report on more details in her next blog post.

We also welcome some ten new teachers, joining us with a wealth of experience from all over the world. This means we maintain an excellent student : teacher ratio of 7 : 1. A number of our teachers returned early to attend the 3rd BBIS Summer school for teachers – a sign of the professional ethos of our staff.

Our building project this summer was to start a complete renovation of House 4, our Boarding facility. Due to unexpected problems we will experience a delay – but the result will be worth the troubles. Equally, we are finally able to finalise the parking lot by marking lanes and parking bays for better order and more efficient use of the space. Again, I do ask parents for utmost discipline and care when dropping off or meeting their children there: we must not be a danger to our own children, independent from time pressure or car size.

On my first Parent Platform evening on 5 September, 19:00, I will give you an overview of this year’s pedagogical goals and new initiatives. This is a busy week with a Primary parents presentation on the 4th and the traditional “Meet and Greet” evening on the 7th, hosted by Mrs. Jung and Mr. Hand. Nevertheless, we hope to see many of you at these events!


Kind regards,

Peter Kotrc

Please don't forget to visit the new PTA-homepage at . Here you can sign up for upcoming events like the Welcome Picnic on September 9th or the Octoberfest on October 6th, read details and dates about the parent clubs (like Kristin Perry's fitness clubs that will already start next week!), find answers to many of your questions regarding life at BBIS (Q & A in English and German), enjoy pictures from earlier PTA events (Blog), gain information about living and events in the area, find opportunities for taking action and much, much more.

If you have any questions or want to be send the recent buddy list, please don't hesitate to contact the PTA directly at