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A New Year, a New Mindset?

Thursday, 19 January, 2017

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you happiness, fun and calm. In BBIS Primary School we have been looking at the concept of 'Mindfulness' in the context of our Personal, Social and Health Curriculum. This concept of 'mindfulness has become a global it helpful for our students?

We looked into this during the in-service day before our students returned, and investigated what it would mean for our school, both for us as teachers and also for our students. Mindfulness encourages a growth mind-set...something we want in our students...and research shows that it can create better teachers, by 'prioritizing demands of the work day, reducing stress and increasing resilience.' Certainly, mindfulness complements social emotional learning, which is reflected in the IB Learner profile attribute 'balanced' which encourages learners to understand the importance of achieving well being. It also complements the IB's approaches to the Teaching and Learning element of emotional management. We are continuing to look at techniques and discussing how it may benefit our students' learning. As we re-visit our PHSE curriculum, there are areas we want to develop.......this may well be one of them.