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  • Summer Holidays Round The Corner (Wednesday, 13 June, 2018)

    Dear Parents,

    Summer follows SummerFest – and we all should be more than happy if the Summer is half as nice as SummerFest was. Our explicit thanks go to both the PTA Executive Board for the immaculate organisation and to the huge number of parents who ran stalls and/or brought in wonderful food and drinks. Furthermore, students and staff contributed their share to make the last Saturday a unique community experience!

  • A Hot Week (Thursday, 24 May, 2018)

    Dear Parents,

    The sunny weather was only appropriate to celebrate our 84 graduating students last Friday – congratulations! We are sure, they move on well prepared to their next adventures all around the globe.

    An adventure of a special kind happened last week and weekend when a number of MYP parents found their and their children’s photographs appearing on an Instagram site, accompanied by hateful comments. While we ask the police to further investigate the issue, everybody learned that social media is convenient but also carries certain risks. Of course we continue to search for the originator. Please find below an article by our Head of Counselling, Mr. Gregory, putting the issue into context.

  • No 1 with Running Nose (Wednesday, 9 May, 2018)

    Dear Parents,

    Despite it being short weeks, enough goes on at BBIS to keep the buzz going. Our graduating class works hard through the pile of exams, and all seems to have gone smoothly so far – one more week to go! We keep our fingers crossed. Most excitement was caused by the stunning success of our Primary Maths team who brought home the trophy for first place from Stockholm (read more below, thanks go to Mrs. Samii for coaching). On the other Maths competition team at Amsterdam, Eddie H. impressed with his memory of 759 digits of PI after the comma…

  • Stay In Touch (Thursday, 26 April, 2018)

    Dear Parents,

    Friends for life…. that’s what we often take with us from our many years spent in schools. Starting early with group work and playdates, being part of a Sports team or debate club, spending holidays together or enjoying a school trip – a lot of informal but equally important learning of social skills happens, later to be turned into social capital. The collateral benefit of schools like BBIS, which are not just grade factories, is that networks are developing and that graduates will assist each other in the same informal way they did before. A quick call to a former school mate can be a shortcut in so many areas of life.

  • Differences can enrich our lives (Thursday, 12 April, 2018)

    Dear Parents,

    There were only a few times during my many years at International schools that I felt how much we need our type of schools, given the tensions between nations and within societies all across the world. Understanding that the differences in cultures and therefore in habits and behaviour, approaches and communication actually enrich our lives rather than threatening us, is something learned and absorbed every day in our mix of 70 nationalities. Our curricula and initiatives further this understanding: looking back and forward just a few weeks, we had

  • Before and after Spring Break (Thursday, 22 March, 2018)

    Dear Parents,

    While writing this letter, our “Poetry by Heart” competition in the Heizhaus is still in full swing. Organized by Mr. Grissett and competing against BBS, it is a wonderful, inspiring form to celebrate the World Poetry Day.

    Proud Primary school students were presenting to their parents what they have learned so far this year. A perfect example how we teach children early enough (including EE) to take responsibility for their own learning – and to reflect on the results. Both parents and students made a very happy impression!

  • Music makes you smarter... (Thursday, 8 March, 2018)
    BIMP at BBIS

    Dear Parents,

    Here at BBIS, we do claim to provide a truly holistic education, aiming to develop the whole child and leaving the image of a grade factory, only relying on traditional subjects.

    One important elements is music, and the last week really showed how we are doing that. All Grade 4s were on stage for the annual opera, this time the “Magic Flute”, and a good part of our students across the grades were part of ensembles during this year’s BIMP (the Berlin International School Music Project). If you had the chance to be at either of these events, you could sense the pride and joy kids experience when making music.

  • Growing Up in the Digital Age (Wednesday, 7 February, 2018)
    Screenagers at BBIS

    Dear Parents,

    A selective group of about 15 parents and the Student Council executive board followed our invitation last week to hear about how we progress in the different areas of the BBIS 2020 Strategic Plan. Topics included the upcoming renovation of House 5, next steps in online marketing, the future role of Positive Education at the school and issues and concerns about ICT. Parents, students and teachers identified this topic as a priority for school (and home) education. Recent, alarming research indicates the worrying consequences of young (and more mature to old) people being addicted to digital devices.

  • Winter Is Here (Thursday, 18 January, 2018)
    Winter at BBIS

    Dear Parents,

    Despite alarming signals from a number of neighbouring but also distant countries, globalisation and as a consequence, the interest in and need for international schools is growing: from just under one million students enrolled worldwide in the year 2000, we count now close to 4.8 million and expect by 2022 seven million students in our type of schools. This produces pressure on the job market for teachers, as new schools open on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.
    BBIS is therefore continuously hunting for talent. The three principals and myself are attending job fairs during the next weeks to replace teachers who, as part of the mobile community, will move on to new adventures. We are proud to say that the interest in BBIS – and in Berlin as a desirable place to live – continues to be high.

  • Winter Holidays Are Here (Thursday, 21 December, 2017)

    Dear Parents,

    This time of the year is traditionally when we express gratitude to others who make our life a good one – from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and when we light up the dark days with festivals of light – from Diwali to Chanukah.  My thanks go to all our stakeholders for making BBIS a wonderful place for learning: our (mostly) considerate and lovely kids of all ages, the parents and here especially the PTA reps for their endless support and constructive feedback, and the staff working hard on our core business i.e. making learning happen.