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Not Exactly Quidditch!

Friday, 17 February, 2017

What a tournament! This week the Student Council organized BBIS’ first ever teacher-student dodgeball tournament. Teachers could form their own teams by recruiting students or selecting them from the open pool students could sign up for.

The Valentine’s Day afternoon extravaganza consisted of eleven teams playing back-to-back games in their fight for gold. Grades 9 to 12 and the teachers, along with our Panther mascot, came together in great spirit to cheer the teams. With teams such as the Kingz, Papot-Razzi, the Microsoft Wards 2.0 and the Kopkanators, it was definitely a tournament to witness. The competition was intense, with teacher rivalry and bragging rights at stake.

The semi-finals were a shock to all. The Grade 10 team, The Chamberliners advanced into the finals against BTEC Sport. It was an intense final, but BTEC prevailed and took gold.


First Place: BTEC sport
Sportsmanship: the Kopkinators
Most Valued Player: Palan (Grade 11)

It was a great success for the Student Council, organizing such an enjoyable event for four grade levels and faculty while, most importantly, raising school spirit.

We look forward to what the Student Council has planned for later this year. It includes a teacher-student lip-sync battle in March.