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Our next group of Peacemakers

Thursday, 1 February, 2018

Our next group of Peacemakers were trained today by Ms Roy our PYP Coordinator. This Programme offers students the opportunities to become a mediator in conflicts that may take place in the playground. Students learn how to read a situation, listen to perspectives and without judging, try to find a solution. The students told me how they felt that this was important in our school as ‘we need to learn from each other’ and ‘sometimes you feel embarrassed telling an adult when you have done something wrong’. How perceptive! Student voice needs to be heard and this is one of our Primary School goals this year; to develop Student agency.
Our Student Council are elected by their peers and meet regularly with me to discuss how our school can be improved….and how they can make that happen. Just listening to these young people is an inspiration and reminds me that as adults we look at the world so differently to students…we need to listen to them!

BBIS Peacemakers