Mentors & Administration

Providing the pastoral care your child needs to realise their academic and life goals.


With diverse backgrounds in international education and more, we are lucky to have such a supportive, nurturing team of mentors and administrators at BBIS Boarding School.

Our live-in mentors reside in apartments within the student boarding house, and our administrative team is here to support students during the day. Meet them all below.

Head of Boarding

Name: Steve Crossley
Background: Mr. Crossley joined BBIS in January 2021 as Head of Boarding, having previously worked in boarding schools in the UK, Austria and the US. Steve is a level 3 boarding practitioner and holds the BSA Boarding Management diploma, in addition to a BA in politics and history from Salford University and a PgDip in pastoral care, guidance and pupil support from the University of Aberdeen.
Passions: Steve is married with two daughters, enjoys running, winter sports and travelling. Steve is passionate about residential education and making sure that BBIS is a "home away from home" for all boarding students.

Deputy Head of Boarding / Live-in Boarding Mentor

Name: Boris Fatic
From: Podgorica, Montenegro
Background: Mr. Fatic joined BBIS Boarding as a live-in mentor for the 2018-2019 school year. Before this,he attended the Mediterranean University, Faculty of Foreign Languages. During his fourth year of studies, he worked in human rights for a local NGO. He has also worked as a boarding coordinator for Knightsbridge Schools International, an IB school in Tivat, Porto Montenegro.
Passions: Mr. Fatic enjoys helping young people reach their full potential and teaching them to act with honor, integrity and compassion. Hetakes great pleasure in reading books, watching movies, going to the theater, cooking and playing sports.
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Boarding School Administration

Name: Margit Schmeißer
From: Lower Bavaria (Germany)
Background: Mrs. Schmeißer started working at BBIS Boarding in July 2014. Before then, she worked for industrial companies like Siemens as a team or management assistant.
Passions: Mrs. Schmeißer likes to sing, read, travel and get to know different cultures. She enjoys helping boarding students and their families with all things that come up in daily life at BBIS Boarding.
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Name: Angelika Heidt
From: Wolfsburg, in northern Germany
Background: Ms. Heidt started working at BBIS Boarding in June 2017. Prior to this, she studied economics and journalism, and worked for consulting companies. She has also lived in Istanbul, Turkey.
Passions: Ms. Heidt is a qualified German teacher and breathing coach. She is passionate about cars and loves to read, bike, travel and walk with her dog.
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Live-in Boarding Mentors

Name: Rachael Bennett
From: Wales, UK
Background: Ms. Bennett joined BBIS Boarding for the 2019-20 school year. Prior, she was a houseparent for an international school in Bath and for the Welsh gymnastics Commonwealth team in Cardiff, running the house and looking after 11 talented, young inspiring athletes. She has travelled extensively and spent a year in Australia. Ms. Bennett studied Sports Performance at Bath University.
Passions: Ms. Bennett used to be a professional swimmer and represented Wales at many international swimming competitions. Now, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and organising fun activities and adventures.

Name: Kyle van Hall
From: Northern Virginia, US
Background: Mr. van Hall joined BBIS Boarding as a live-in mentor for the 2014-15 school year. He has lived and traveled throughout the world and, having discovered his passion for Germany as an exchange student, now considers Germany his second home. He has also worked for over 10 years as a teacher in IB and bilingual schools teaching history, geography and English; and was an international youth worker and a wilderness guide.
Passions: In his free time, he canoes on the nearby lakes, bikes through the local forests or experiments with cooking gourmet meals.

Name: Vlatka Lučić
From: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Background: Ms. Lučić joined BBIS Boarding for the 2020-2021 school year. Prior to this, she worked with students from over 80 countries as a house parent and IB DP English B teacher at the United World College in Mostar. Ms. Lučić studied English Language and Literature and Art History at the University of Mostar. Throughout her higher education, she worked and volunteered for several international and local NGOs; and then as a youth engagement worker at the Local Democracy Agency. From 2015 to 2018, Ms. Lučić was a coordinator of the "Mostar Summer Youth Programme" and is one of the founders of a youth-focused education organisation "UčiMo".
Passions: In her free time, Ms. Lučić enjoys art, theatre, travelling and riding her bike.

Name: Lukas Miedel
From: Seattle, US
Background: Mr. Miedel joined BBIS Boarding in the fall of 2019. After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in Sport Management, Mr. Miedel traveled around Europe for the summer and was especially impressed by parents’ country, Germany. He returned to Seattle, earned his TESL certificate, and moved to Berlin shortly thereafter. As a freelancer, he taught English at various language schools in Berlin and also to kids at English camps. Mr. Miedel ran an English club and other activities for the boarding students.
Passions: Mr. Miedel loves to travel and play sports, particularly skiing/snowboarding and ice hockey. But his true sport is soccer – he played for the Olympic Development program as a teenager.

Name: Shane Ogilvie
From: Saskatchewan, Canada
Background: Mr. Ogilvie joined BBIS Boarding as a live-in mentor for the 2018-2019 school year. Prior to this, he completed a B.Sc in Biology in the US with a soccer scholarship. In 2012, he moved to Germany to play and coach soccer, where he gained experience teaching English and science in primary schools and summer camps. Since then, he completed his M.Sc in Sport Performance Analysis, studying and interning in Germany, Portugal, Lithuania and The Netherlands.
Passions: Mr. Ogilvie has deep interests in youth athletic development and is interested in organising various sporting activities and projects with the students.

External Boarding Mentors

Name: Felipe Buitrago
From: Bogota, Colombia
Background: When he was 16, Mr. Buitrago travelled to New Mexico, US to participate in a wilderness program run by United World Colleges that focused on eating and sleeping well, keeping warm and sticking together. The experience shaped his belief that students are at the center of their own experience; and should be supported to make decisions suited to their needs and context, while considering responsibility towards the group and community. After finishing studies at Earlham College in the US and a MC in Outdoor Education with Phillips Universität in Germany, Mr. Buitrago joined BBIS in May 2017.
Passions: Mr Buitrago believes in the values of accessibility and social justice.

Boarding School Counsellor

Elise Hauer
From: Wisconsin, US
Background: Elise worked as a school counsellor in Denver, Colorado for 13 years. BBIS is Ms. Hauer’s first international counselling position. She has a BA in Psychology and Leadership Studies from Ripon College in Wisconsin, an MA in Counselling Psychology & Counsellor Education from the University of Colorado at Denver, and ran MA in Educational Leadership with Principal Licensure from Regis University in Denver. She has worked with middle and high school students at a dropout recovery program, an alternative secondary school, and at an IB high school.
Passions: She enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds, collaborating with them to find fulfilling pathways for a successful future. In her free time, she loves to travel and explore new cities, kayak and stand-up paddle board, visit museums and art exhibits, and spend time with friends and family.