Reggio Emilia

Helping our youngest students to discover the world, nurtured by our community.


At BBIS, our Early Education programme takes inspiration from Reggio Emilia – the renowned educational philosophy that’s based upon the principles of respect, responsibility and community.

It’s a very child-centred approach to education that recognises children’s potential from a very early age. By encouraging our children to engage in their own learning – within a safe, supportive environment – we are helping them to discover who they want to be.

Our youngest students are full of curiosity and potential. They show great interest in negotiating with everything that the environment brings to them. It’s how they learn.


Aligned to the principles of Reggio Emilia, we believe that:

  • Children, teachers and parents are collaborators in the learning process

  • A sense of community is important for young children to develop

  • The learning environment plays a key role in early learning – as such, classroom spaces and layouts are carefully considered to foster encounters, communication and relationships, which are all crucial to learning

  • Student learning should be made visible, to help track the process of children’s thoughts and ideas as they play and interact together

  • Learning is not a linear process but a spiral progression

Our teachers – who are all constantly observing the children – work together to discuss and interpret the children’s actions and behaviours. They then share the observations with the kids themselves, and work with them to develop the next stage of learning. It’s an incredibly insightful way to help our children develop their own thinking strategies.

This idea of conceptual teaching and purposeful planning aligns beautifully with the IB Primary Years Programme, which is the next step beyond Early Education.


The Early Education Department is purpose-built to engage and inspire our students. An art room, loft areas, integrated play spaces and multi-purpose areas provide diverse spaces for children to explore. The playground is a safe space for them to develop gross motor skills. And we regularly venture into the woods for outdoor learning opportunities.