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Outdoor Education at its best

Wednesday, 4 October, 2017

It was a real pleasure to experience how our students worked together to overcome challenges during the team building and outdoor activities during our MYP trip week. Our trip leaders and office staff had prepared the detailed programmes for the respective groups in cooperation with the outdoor education specialists from Schattenspringer or Outward Bound, and l am happy to report that last week was a great success.

What we value particularly are the strong relationships that our students form with their peers and teachers during this very intense week of learning, and the fact that they are becoming more resilient by pushing themselves in a variety of situations where they find themselves outside their normal comfort zone.

It requires a lot of effort to get outdoor education experiences of this size and quality off the ground, and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate everybody involved in organizing and running this year’s Trip Week for grade 6 to 10!

Congratulations also to our students, who have been able to experience what it means to go beyond what they thought possible. Please check the BBIS Facebook page for more trip pictures.

Special thanks go to:

Ms Schmid as the grade 6 trip leader to Groß Väter See, and her climbing & team building colleagues Ms Smith-Siebold, Mr Hennie, Mr Payne, Mr Wilson & Ms Abaee

Ms Pinault as the grade 7 trip leader to Zielow, and the cooking, canoeing and fishing team, Ms Hinault, Mr Lopez, Mr Gregory, Ms Buckler, Ms Kasia, Ms Hase and Ms Gotthardt

Mr Edinger leading the grade 8 trip GPS touring & climbing at Werbellinsee with Ms Adams, Ms Dodge, Ms Thach, Mr Allard, Mr Proctor, Mr Russo & Mr Alvarez

Mr Stiles as the grade 9 trip leader and his hiking, abseiling and camping team in Vysoka Lipa with Ms Fleiner, Ms Barker, Mr Samozvanov, Mr Peel & Mr Nolan

Ms Giegerich as the organiser of the climbing, cycling, camping, yoga, music, art, history, creative & more activities for the grade 10 Berlin Bound trips and her team Ms Appleton, Ms Murray, Ms Papot, Ms Lund-Bruning, Ms Paul, Ms Kovacs, Mr Kelly & Ms Mansfield

Ms Kruschinski and Ms Pertsch for their hard work preparing and coordinating the trips during the last 7 weeks!

Grade 7 catch of the day