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May 16, 2020

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Outdoor Learning at BBIS

Thursday, 19 September, 2019

As we continue to develop our Outdoor Learning Experiences for our students, we tried out a new format for our Project Week this year. Mixing on-campus learning with day trips and overnight trips, we were able to offer a large variety of challenging learning experiences outside classrooms for our students; from circus performances to building shelters for the island project, to kayaking, hiking, camping in the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, or exploring street art and architecture in Berlin. Students also visited Berlin companies like BMW motorbikes, Ritter Sport and KPM, and explored what life was like during the Middle Ages in the medieval village Düppel. Learning how to sword fight, light a fire and make tar from tree bark was not only a lot of fun, but will also be part of the science and humanities lessons in the coming weeks. As this was the first time we tried out our new format, we will be gathering feedback from students and teachers, to fine-tune and enhance our concept further.